It makes me uncomfortable when people give celebrities nicknames, and act like they are friends with them.




The Sound of Music (1965)

tumblr fucked me up so bad i kept expecting something ridiculous to happen at the end like a still of her telling the kids to go fuck themselves smh




I know that’s small-fry and most blogs on here have thousands of followers, and that some people probably find these posts really annoying but I can’t believe people follow me! I can’t believe 100 people have clicked that little button. THANKS GUYS!!! 

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Maura: You know, you couldn’t be happier if I told you that I had magically turned all the lettuce in the world into beer.
Jane: Make it happen. We’ll find out.

I am so over people bitching about Angie Harmon.


How can people think it is okay to post such rude and bitchy remarks about Angie Harmon? I am so over people making up rumours and posting upsetting and inconsiderate comments about her. It’s not okay to send hate to anyone, no matter who they are. What makes you think it’s okay to do so? How would you feel if your whole life was on display for the world, and you were constantly having hate sent to you? I bet you wouldn’t appreciate it, so why do it to someone else? It just makes me mad.


There’s a lot of negativity and hate in this fandom and I don’t like it :( 

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What’s going on?
I haven’t seen any big hate things lately, there’s always the odd throwaway comment, but has something else happened? This fandom is brutal.


An INFJ is prone to hold him/herself to very high expectations and have an urge for perfectionism. These tendencies allow us to succeed and attain great achievements. However, they also can cause lots of unnecessary stress. Thus, the INFJ must be aware and learn that perfection is not always the best and that it’s fine to mess up or fail. 

I don’t want to alarm you all but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were making Maura and Korsak the next ship. Maursak. 

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Girls Night In

Season 5 Episode 10


Maura: “I’m sad that you’re leaving.”

Jane: “Me too. So sad.”

Season 5 Episode 10

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